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New Horizon has been formed as a New Ray in the field of solar energy.Our Aim is to make Green Energy affordable and cost effective so that Customer can genrate his own energy need on his House/Industry roof and also help environment by reducing pollution.

We have our Presence in solar Energy field as Designer, Integrator , Installer and Service provider. We have worked on and have solutions for Residential, commercial and Industrial Project. We work to provide quality products, effective design & promissed out put from system and also gives best after installation service.


Solar Photo Voltaic System

In this section their are two types of system

Solar ON-Grid System For More detailed ...

Solar off-Grid System More detailed ...

Solar Hot Water System

Solar hot water is system which increase the temprature of water by absorbtion of Sun Radiation's with the help of ETC tubes and serve the hot water need of the customer. We have Installed 10,000 liter plus Hot water system and provided on site service with 7 year warranty.

Inverter & batteries

We are authorized dealer of Livefast comapny in inverter and battery section.We Provided inverter plus battery System which have heighest warrenty period in domain have good experience of this domain.

Solar Street Light

In this system the street light is charged through solar panel without need of grid supply. we provided street light ranging from 40 watt panel to 75 watt panel with 3 Year warrenty which is heighest in the street light domain.

Solar ON-Gird/ Grid-Tied System

In this type of system, DC power genrated by solar panel is converted into AC power with ON-Grid inverter and feed into MSEDCL grid through Bi-directional Net meter.

The main purpose of this system is to minimize electricty bill to the extent that only MSEDCL connection charges will be paid by customer and rest of the bill will be zero.

Solar off Grid System

In this type of the system, DC power generated by solar panel is stored in the battery and used to run the load as per requirement.

The main purpose of this system is to provide back up in the time of No Grid Supply. Batteries allow you to store the power as well as use when generation is going on. We have good experience in designing of off-Grid system as per the requirement of customer for residential as well as commerical purpose.

How we work



analysis of your electricity bill and deciding your plant capacity accordingly



measurement of your roof or place and give idea how solar plant will look at your place



panel arrangement , advanced shadow analysis and other customization to help you maximize your solar yields



installation is done as per detailed engineering. Procure the best equipment and our expert build your plant.

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